【Sandia aggrandizement floor area fashion agitation builder】

Make public、Personality,From the unremitting pursuit of fashionable life

The essence of things to become the world extraction with meaning

Manage the belongs to own fashion symbol

Sandia floor,Making the ground fashion“Template”

Cutting edge、Pioneer、The revolution,

Trend、Praise highly、Is popular

The holy land,Dominate the aggrandizement floor pioneer fashion

Sandia floor,Continuously break through the industry limited,

Unique way,Create fashion products。

Adhere to the family to provide fashionable household experience for China,

Continuous pursuit、Continuous breakthrough,

With exquisite craft make fashion brand。

Sandia aggrandizement floor all series adopt different technology application of digital optical mirror lighting technology,Create brilliant bright surface; The latest technology after enhanced stereo feeling; Laser cutting technology,To ensure that the parquet floor high precision requirements, etc;Sandia floor has never stopped to product development and process improvement,Fashion oriented,Is dedicated to bringing customers the high quality product。